how to start an airbnb business without owning a house

How To Start An Airbnb Business Without Owning A House

Starting an Airbnb business without owning a house can be a smart way to avoid the costly expenses of down payments, closing costs, and renovation projects associated with owning a rental property, particularly a house on Airbnb. As a result, many individuals interested in joining the vacation rental industry are deterred by these upfront expenses.

However, you don’t have to be a property owner to generate income on Airbnb. Here are a few ways to get started in the vacation rental industry and begin earning money on Airbnb without owning a property.

Is owning a property a prerequisite for earning with Airbnb?

Not at all! Even if you’re unable to own a house at the moment, you can still break into the vacation rental industry and turn a profit on Airbnb. In fact, many aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide are in the same boat. But fear not! There are plenty of alternative avenues to explore and start an Airbnb business without owning a house.

Don’t let a lack of funds deter you from embarking on an Airbnb venture either. There is a multitude of clever and resourceful ways to kickstart your vacation rental business without breaking the bank.

Best Ways For Making Money on Airbnb without Owning a House

Try Airbnb Rental Arbitrage

To make money with Airbnb rental arbitrage, you rent a property specifically to sublet it on vacation rental sites. It’s important to ensure that the money you make covers your rent and other business-related expenses. However, before you embark on this strategy, be aware of legal rules and regulations as subletting is prohibited in some cities.

You should also get permission from your landlord before attempting to rent out your rented accommodation. Keep in mind that many long-term rental lease agreements don’t permit tenants to rent out their properties on listing sites. If you violate the agreement, you could be evicted. But if you get your landlord’s approval, rental arbitrage could be a great option for you to enter the industry.

Manage Short-term Rental Properties

Becoming a property manager is one of the most straightforward ways to make money with Airbnb business without owning a house. The demand for short-term rental property managers is increasing rapidly, and this career offers flexible working hours. However, you need to understand the legal requirements of your state before you start managing properties. Some states require a real estate broker’s license and/or a property manager’s license, while others do not require any qualification. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s better to educate yourself in property management to set yourself apart from your competition.

Be The Co-host to an Airbnb host

As a co-host, you’ll be providing support to an Airbnb host, similar to a short-term rental manager. However, you’ll be acting more as an assistant than a manager. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to the industry to gain experience and make money with Airbnb business without owning a house.

Be Part Of a Vacation Rental Franchise

Instead of starting from scratch, you can join a vacation rental franchise to make money with an Airbnb business without owning a house. By paying a fee, local property managers can obtain a special license from a franchise owner and use their resources and services under their brand name.

Try To Be An Airbnb Consultant

If you have experience managing Airbnb rentals and want to help others succeed, consider becoming an Airbnb consultant. In addition to rental management skills, you’ll need marketing expertise to build your personal brand. As a consultant, you’ll help hosts increase their bookings, improve their ranking, and even buy and sell short-term rentals. Successful consultants identify a specific niche, so be sure to research and leverage your unique skills to stand out and make money with Airbnb business without owning a house.

Launch A Cleaning Service For Airbnb 

Offering a top-notch cleaning service for Airbnb hosts can be a profitable business venture as cleaning is one of the first tasks that most hosts outsource. With a high demand for cleaning services, you can expect a steady flow of work to keep you busy.

To get started, conduct market research to determine the industry standards and what other cleaning services are offering. You’ll also need to ensure you comply with state regulations, such as obtaining insurance and licensing, and determine the average cleaning costs in your area. It’s essential to factor in expenses like cleaning supplies, equipment, labor, and marketing.

start an airbnb business without owning a house
Start An Airbnb Business Without Owning A House

Host an Airbnb Experience

If you’re looking for a creative way to make money with an Airbnb business without owning a house, consider hosting an Airbnb Experience. Airbnb Experiences is a platform that allows hosts to offer guests a range of activities to enjoy during their stay, from cooking classes to guided tours.

By offering a unique experience, you can generate a steady source of revenue. If you have a specific hobby or skill, it can be a fantastic alternative to hosting stays.

Offer Professional Airbnb Photography Services

Another creative way to earn money and start an Airbnb business without owning a house is by becoming a professional photographer. You can either advertise your services using platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Instagram, or you can apply to be a freelance marketplace listing photographer on Airbnb.

To excel in this field, you’ll need to learn more about interior photography and how to stage sets. Mastering these skills can help you capture stunning photos that attract potential guests to a host’s property.

Offer Airbnb Copywriting Services

One great way to make money on Airbnb without owning property is to offer copywriting services. More and more hosts are looking for help with writing engaging property descriptions, catchy titles, and even guest reviews. To get started, you can advertise your services on popular online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Offer Vacation Rental Marketing Services

To succeed as an Airbnb host, it’s crucial to have effective marketing strategies in place. However, many hosts find it challenging to do everything on their own. If you have marketing skills, you can offer your expertise to help hosts set up and implement effective marketing strategies. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you can start by learning how to use social media to attract potential guests. Over time, you can expand your skills and offer additional marketing services.


Making money with an Airbnb business without owning a house has never been easier. You don’t necessarily have to lease or handle property to succeed as an Airbnb professional. There are career opportunities available to you, even if you lack prior experience. You can start these opportunities as a side hustle and transition them into a full-time career. While some approaches demand more money and effort, you can make a satisfactory income with hard work and dedication.

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