Author name: Kristina Watkins

Kristina has years of experience in the insurance and investment industry. She enjoys helping people navigate the complex world of insurance and investment planning. In her downtime, Kristina love spending time with her family and practicing yoga.

how to become a brand ambassador

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Connecting with people through storytelling has always been an effective way to create meaningful relationships. Social media platforms have taken this power to new heights, allowing people to share their stories with a wider audience. As a result, brands have started to partner with these “storytellers” to leverage the influence of social media and promote …

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how to create passive income from etsy digital products

How To Create Passive Income From Etsy Digital Products

Are you tired of the daily grind, working tirelessly to make ends meet? Are you longing for financial freedom and flexibility? Creating passive income can be the answer to your financial woes. Passive income refers to money earned without active involvement or effort, providing financial stability and freedom to pursue creative passions. If you’re looking …

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