About Us

Invest Local. Invest with your neighbors. Invest in your community.

Who is VestLo

What We Believe In

VestLo believes in the concept of investing locally. We believe friends, neighbors, customers, and fans can come together to invest in local businesses through equity based crowdfunding. Investing locally will benefit local communities and boost our local economy. Investors see the return on their investment in the form of monetary returns and through improvements in their local community, city, or state.

What Do We Do

VestLo is a FinTech company that operates an Illinois investment based crowdfunding platform. VestLo provides access to investment opportunities previously not accessible to all Illinois residents. We make it easy for Illinois companies to raise funds by crowdfunding the investment needed directly from Illinois investors.

Why We Exist

Individuals often think of Wall Street not Main Street when they hear the word invest. With the passage of the new Illinois Equity Intrastate Crowdfunding law, all residents of Illinois for the first time have an opportunity to invest in local startups and small businesses. The portal creates an efficient and transparent new avenue for startups and small businesses looking to raise capital. Until now, these private investment opportunities were only available to accredited investors.

– These investment opportunities create a monetary return and positive social impact in Illinois.
– These Investments create an alternative source of capital for businesses.
– These investment help spur economic growth and help create jobs in the State.
– These investments support local businesses can be used to transform and support local neighborhoods.


VestLo is regulated by The Illinois Secretary of State as a Registered Crowdfunding Internet Portal.
Registered portals can be viewed here on The Illinois Secretary of State’s website.

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